Last Posting Dates & Public Holidays for Christmas 2016

The last posting dates for pre-Christmas delivery are now available for all of our mail services. Whether you are mailing to the UK or internationally you will find the relevant last posting dates that we can dispatch mail for pre-Christmas delivery below. Please be aware that these are estimates only and to ensure pre-Christmas delivery, the items should be provided to us for posting at the earliest available opportunity.

You will also find a list of worldwide public holidays for the Christmas period. These you be taken into consideration when referring to the generalised last posting dates for pre-Christmas delivery.

To discuss the posting dates of your mailing in more detail please contact our team on 01444 871111.

Estimated Last Posting Dates for Pre-Christmas Delivery


All Services

Friday 16th December                                Royal Mail Economy (Sorted), DSA Unsorted

Tuesday 20th December                            Royal Mail 2nd Class (Sorted & Unsorted), DSA Sorted

Wedensday 21st December                       Royal Mail 1st Class (Sorted & Unsorted)



Priority Service

Thursday 2nd December                           Rest of World

Tuesday 6th December                              Cyprus, Eastern Europe (ex. Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia),

    Asia, Far East

Wednesday 7th December                        Caribbean, Central and South America

Thursday 8th December                            Australia, Canada, Greece, New Zealand, USA

Tuesday 13th December                            Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland

Wednesday 14th December                      Western Europe


Economy Service

Monday 21st November                             Rest of World

Monday 28th November                            Rest of Europe, USA & Canada

Tuesday 6th December                              Western Europe


Public Holidays over the Christmas Period

December 1st – Kazakhstan, Portugal, Romania
December 2nd – Ghana, Laos, UAE
December 3rd – India (regional), Spain (regional), UAE

December 4th – India (regional)
December 5th – Thailand, Tonga

December 6th – Ecuador (regional), Finland, Italy (regional), Spain

December 7th – Italy (regional)

December 8th – Albania, Macedonia, Panama, Various (Immaculate Conception Day)

December 9th – Argentina, Tanzania
December 10th –
December 11th – Malaysia (regional), Various (Maulud Nabi)

December 12th – Kenya, Mexico, Thailand, Various (Maulud Nabi)

December 13th – India (regional), Malta, Saint Lucia, Sri Lanka
December 16th – Bahrain, bangladesh, Kazakhstan, South Africa
December 17th – Bahrain

December 18th – Qatar
December 19th – India (regional), Kazakhstan

December 20th – Macau
December 21st – Macau
December 22nd – Zimbabwe

December 23rd – Japan

December 24th – Libya, Various (Christmas Eve)
December 25th – Pakistan, Various (Christmas Day)

December 26th – Greece, India (regional), Indonesia, Slovenia, Various (Christmas Holiday/Boxing Day)
December 27th – Canada (regional), Various (Christmas Holiday)

December 29th – Myanmar

December 30th – Philippines
December 31st – Azerbaijan, Latvia, Macau (public sector only), Maldives, Switzerland (regional), Various (New Year’s Eve)

January 1st – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Various (New Year’s Day)
January 2nd – Russia, Switzerland (regional), Various (New Year’s Holiday)
January 3rd – Russia, Various (New Year’s Holiday)
January 4th – Myanmar, Russia, Various (New Year’s Holiday)
January 5th – Armenia, India (regional), Russia
January 6th – Armenia, Iraq (regional), Lebanon, Russia, Various (Orthodox Christmas Eve)
January 7th – Cambodia, Various (Orthodox Christmas Day)
January 8th – Various (Orthodx Christmas Holiday


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