Service Updates & Upcoming Public Holidays – w/c 17th August

Here you will find the latest global service updates and a list of upcoming worldwide public holidays. This is updated throughout the week with latest information available.

Service Updates

GENERAL: The situation at Calais and the Channel Tunnel have improved and over the last week transport services have been returning to normal. However, there is a possibility that further strike action and/or security issues may cause further delays going forward. We will advise accordingly if and when new events arise.  Resolved (issue start date: 23/06/15 – updated 17/08/15)

Australia – Australia Post have informed by the Australia Border Force (Customs) that industrial action by their staff will be taking place at their inbound centres on Monday, 3 August, during the peak processing times for inbound mail. Therefore, Australia Post expects disruption to the handling of all inbound mail that day as effecting mail processing the following day due to expected backlogs from the day before.

UPDATE: Australia Post have informed us that the industrial action by customs officials has ended with minimal impact upon mail processing times. Resolved (issue start date: 03/08/15 – updated 06/08/15)

Australia – Heavy snowfall snowfall in New South Wales has resulted in the closure of motorways and other roads, making the delivery of mail difficult or not possible. Delays are to be expected. Resolved (issue start date: 16/07/15)

Canada – Canada Post will be shutting down from Friday, 21 August to Monday, 24 August to complete an upgrade of its IT infrastructure. Tracking on Canada Post’s website will be unavailable during this time. It will have some impact on mail processing in Vancouver’s exchange office; processing on Montreal and Toronto will not be affected. Ongoing (issue start date: 21/08/15)

China – High volumes of mail arriving in Shanghai and Guangzhou are resulting in backlogs and capacity issues for China Post. Delays to mail services are likely. Ongoing (issue start date: 03/11/14)

China – An explosion at Tianjin Port in China has affected land transportation and delivery in Tanggu, the district in Tianjin City where the disaster occurred. Delays to mail services are expected in this area (post code range 300450 – 300467). Ongoing (issue start date: 13/08/15)

France – Delays are expected in Pontchateau (44160) and Courchevel 1850 (73120) due to industrial action. Ongoing (issue start date: 20/07/15)

France – We have been informed by La Poste that between 20th and 22nd July, road blocks in the CAEN region in France were erected by demonstrating farmers.. La Poste has stated that delays of upto 2 days occurred in the delivery and collection of mail/parcels during this time in the following post code areas: 14xxx, 50xxx and 61xxx. Additionally a small backlog of mail meant subsequent delays until normal service resumed on 25th July. Resolved (issue start date: 20/07/15)

Germany – Deutsche Post have advised that they will not be delivering letters on Mondays for the next 5 weeks. Please expect delays in mail traffic during this time. Newspapers and other magazines however will be delivered as normal. Ongoing (issue start date: 13/08/15)

Greece – Hellenic Post (Greek Post Office) have advised that on Wednesday 5th August there was a 4 hour stoppage by air controllers. Hellenic Post have advised that although the impact was minimal, some services were delayed.  Resolved (issue start date: 05/08/14)

Libya – All mail services to Libya are currently suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 16/07/14)

Morocco – We have been informed that between July 7th and July 30th some airlines have not been able to handle commercial cargo between destined for Morocco. The issue has now been resolved but delays to mail sent between these dates should be expected. Ongoing (issue start date: 07/07/15)

Nepal – An earthquake, approximately 50 miles north west of Kathmandu, has caused severe damage in northern Nepal. Severe disruption to mail services nationwide is to be expected.

UPDATE: All mail services in Nepal have been officially suspended and Kathmandu Airport is now closed to all commercial cargo due to the humanitarian relief effort in the region. Ongoing (issue start date: 27/04/15 – updated 30/04/15)

Netherlands – Post NL has informed us that union workers have been taking strike action in localised areas since Tuesday 14th July. Information on the regions/areas affected isn’t currently available. In large parts of the country, mail is expected to be delivered as normal but in the areas where the strike action is taking place, deliveries are expected to be slower than usual.

UPDATE: Strike action taken by the union workers in Post NL, Netherlands has ended. Delivery services in the affected areas have returned to normal and Post NL are working through the backlogs caused by the strike action. Mail services are expected to be back to normal from Monday 27 July. Resolved (issue start date: 14/07/15 – updated 27/07/15)

Somalia – All mail services to Libya are currently suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 30/11/91)

Spain – The Spanish post office (Correos ES) has reported that trade unions have called for a partial strike in Correos’ Madrid facilities (Madrid 28000 – 28999) for Thursday 30th April. This includes Madrid OE, sorting centre (Madrid CTA), delivery units and postal offices and is scheduled to run for 4 hours. As consequence all inbound and outbound processes could be severely affected during this time, not only services from/to Madrid area, and could cause serious delays and backlog during 1st May (national holiday), 2nd May (regional holiday in Madrid) and 3rd May.

UPDATE: Further strike action has taken place intermittently throughout May. Although the last strike was on the 15th May and the subsequent backlog cleared, there is a possibility of further strike action. We will advise accordingly as and when any action is announced.  Ongoing (issue start date: 30/04/15 – updated 26/05/15)

Ukraine – Delivery of mail for the Crimea and Sevastopol (postal codes 95000 – 99999) regions remains suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 18/03/14)

Yemen – All mail services to Yemen have now been suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 27/03/15)

Upcoming Public Holidays

August 1st – Barbados, Switzerland
August 3rd – Australia (regional), Bahamas, Barbados, Canada (regional), Iceland, Ireland, Zambia, UK (regional)

August 4th – El Salvador, Croatia

August 5th – Croatia
August 6th – Bolivia, El Salvador, Jamaica

August 7th – Colombia, Singapore

August 9th – South Africa
August 10th – Ecuador, Singapore, South Africa, Zimbabwe

August 11th – Zimbabwe

August 12th – Australia (regional), Thailand
August 14th – Morocco, Pakistan

August 15th – Bangladesh, India, Paraguay, South Korea, Various (Assumption Day)
August 16th – Dominican Republic

August 17th – Argentina, Canada (regional), Columbia, India (Regional), Indonesia
August 18th – India (regional)

August 20th – Estonia, Hungary, Morocco

August 21st – Hungary, Morocco, Philippines 
August 24th – Ukraine

August 25th – Uruguay

August 27th – India (regional)
August 28th – India (regional)
August 21st – Hungary, Morocco, Philippines 
August 24th – Ukraine

August 25th – Uruguay

August 27th – India (regional)
August 28th – India (regional)
August 29th – India (regional), Slovakia, Sri Lanka

August 30th – Peru, Turkey

August 31st – Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Philippines, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom
September 1st – Slovakia

September 2nd – Spain (regional), Vietnam
September 3rd – China

September 5th – India (regional)

September 6th – Bulgaria

September 7th – Brazil, Canada, Mozambique, USA
September 8th – Malta, Spain (regional)

September 10th – Switzerland

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