Service Updates & Upcoming Public Holidays – w/c 21st November

Here you will find the latest UK & global service updates and a list of upcoming worldwide public holidays. This is updated throughout the week with latest information available.

UK Service Updates

Normal deliveries & collections of mail should be made in most parts of the UK today.

International Service Updates

GENERAL: Hurricane Matthew has affected mail transit, processing and delivery to the southeastern USA and Caribbean region since 29th September. Delays for mail sent to this region should be expected.

UPDATE: The USPS have informed us that postal services in the affected USA areas have returned to normal. Resolved (issue start date: 07/10/16 – updated 14/10/16)

Australia – Australia Post have informed us that the union within representing staff within the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and the Department of Agriculture, has announced protected industrial action between the 26th of September and the 9th of October. The strike action will lead to delay on the receipt of all inbound mail, as the border clearance process will be delayed when the staff walk off. There can also be impact on items held for clearance.

UPDATE: We have been informed that the above strike, originally scheduled to end on 9th October, has been extended until 16th October. Ongoing (issue start date: 26/09/16 – updated 07/10/16)

Australia – We have been advised that severe weather in South Australia has been affecting the collection and delivery of all mail products since 28th September. Delays to mail delivery may occur in the affected areas. Ongoing (issue start date: 28/09/16)

Austria – We have been notified that Klagenfurt Airport (KLU) closed to all air traffic on the 12th September for essential runway maintenance work. The reopening is planned for 4 October. The delivery times of mail sent to Austria may be affected.  Ongoing (issue start date: 12/09/16)

Bermuda – The Bermuda Post Office has informed us that its postal operations have been suspended since 12th October 2016 as a result of the adverse weather conditions associated with the imminent passage of Hurricane Nicole. This has affected Bermuda Postal Service’s ability to send, receive and deliver mail to and from other countries by at least 48 hours. Ongoing (issue start date: 12/10/16)

Brazil – The designated postal operator of Brazil has informed us that the delivery of letter post mail is experiencing delays due to customs control and industrial action in Brazil. Delays are to be expected.

UPDATE: Brazilian customs officials have undertaken further industrial action. Delays to delivery are expected. Ongoing (issue start date: 01/07/16 – updated 14/11/16)

Chile – There will be delays in the processing of inbound and outbound mail as a result of the industrial action being taken by Chile’s customs staff from 20th – 21st October.

UPDATE: Further industrial action was undertaken but we have been informed that as of 17th November this has now ended. Please expect delays in the delivery of mail and parcels until the backlog has been cleared. Ongoing (issue start date: 14/11/16 – updated 21/11/16)

China – Super Typhoon Meranti has caused a landslide South Eastern China and Taiwan. As result of this all mail operations will be affected in South East China and Taiwan for the foreseeable future.

UPDATE: In addition to the above, China Post have informed us that another typhoon (Megi) struck South Eastern China on 28th September. In addition to the original disruption, China Post have stated that the latest typhoon has caused disruption to the provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang and Guangdong (postcode areas: 310xxx, 318xxx, 323xxx, 325xxx, 350xxx, 351xxx, 361xxx, 362xxx, 510xxx, 515xxx, 521xxx, 530xxx, 570xxx, 571xxx and 572xxx). Ongoing (issue start date: 14/09/16 – updated 03/10/16)

China – China Post have informed us that owing to unprecedented volumes of parcels imported into Shanghai and Guangzhou, there are currently a number of issues with China Customs, resulting in large backlogs in their facilities. These problems are compounded by the high delivery volume within China, resulting in delays in mail delivery. Ongoing (issue start date: 14/07/16)

Ecuador – Due to the recent major earthquake in Ecuador, delays are expected in mail services. Ongoing (issue start date: 16/04/16)

France – We have been informed by La Poste that there was a general strike held from approximately 17:00 UTC on 14 September until 04:00 UTC on 16 September. Both postal workers and air traffic controllers took part in the strike and delays for mail and parcels sent to France are expected. Ongoing (issue start date: 14/09/16)

France – A delay is expected for some mail at the Le Havre Airport (76620) distribution centre due to an industrial action. Ongoing (issue start date: 22/09/16)

Greece – Hellenic Post have informed us that the union of air traffic controllers in Greece have announced a 2 day strike from Sunday 9th to Monday 10th October. This may have an impact on the delivery and distribution of mail and parcel products. Ongoing (issue start date: 09/10/16)

Guatemala – Owing to a dispute between the State and the mail delivery company Mail Guatemala there are delays in the delivery of mail in Guatemala. Ongoing (issue start date: 13/06/16)

Hong Kong – All mail operations have been affected due to the Typhoon Haima bringing downpours and gale-force winds. Resolved (issue start date: 19/06/16)

India – Due to reconstruction work on the runways at Mumbai airport (BOM), air traffic is restricted. Between October 18 and 28, every Tuesday and Thursday air traffic will be operated from 12:00 to 17:00 on a smaller runway. From October 28 to November 30, both runways will be closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This may cause delays to mail transmitting Mumbai airport. Ongoing (issue start date: 18/10/16)

Italy – There may be delays in the delivery of mail affecting the following postcode areas, 02XXX, 06XXX, 63XXX and 67XXX. This is due to the earthquake on 24th August. Ongoing (issue start date: 24/08/16)

UPDATE: Further to the above, on the 27th October, some parts of central Italy were affected by an earthquake and consequently delays may occur to deliveries and collections in the 62XXX and 06XXX post areas. Ongoing (issue start date: 24/08/16 – updated 1st November)

Italy – Due to essential runway works, Rome Ciampino Airport will be closed betwen 14th and 29th October. During the temporary closure the majority of flights will be transferred to Rome Fiumicino Airport. This may affectmail transitting this region. Resolved (issue start date: 14/10/16)

Italy – We have been informed that members of the union USB have taken strike action from 21st October. This could affect transportation throughout Italy and thus there may be an impact to the delivery of mail. Resolved (issue start date: 21/10/16)

Italy – We have been informed by Poste Italiane that a 24 hours strike of  Postal Workers has been called for the 4th November by the Unions in Italy. It is anticipated that this will impact the whole of postal network for 36 hours. August. Resolved (issue start date: 04/11/16)

Japan – Japan is strengthening their customs inspection of inbound mail as part of counter-terrorism measures. Therefore, Japan Post has requested all items containing goods are accompanied by the required documents. Please attach a customs declaration form to postal items containing goods, and provide accurate information on the contents for customs declaration. Failure to comply with this request could lead to delays or the return of mail items sent to Japan. Ongoing (issue start date: 29/03/16)

Kenya – We have been informed that pilots at Kenya Airways carried out a seven-day strike between 18th and 24th October. This could have affected mail delivery services.  Resolved (issue start date: 18/10/16)

Libya – All mail services to Libya are currently suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 16/07/14)

New Zealand – There may be delays in many parts of the South Island and lower part of the North Island. This is due to the earthquake that occurred in Hanmer Springs on South Island.

UPDATE – Deliveries of mail and parcels are still taking place with minor delays occurring to all of the South Island and to the Wellington region (postcodes 5000 – 9999). There are a few small areas (such as Wellington CBD and Kaikoura) that have had no deliveries at all due to infrastructure damage, but these are relatively small areas. Wellington CBD will have deliveries again from today. Ongoing (issue start date: 13/11/16 – updated 21/11/16)

Peru – An earthquake hit southern Peru causing numerous buildings to collapse and roads to be blocked in the Arequipa region. The quake caused damage throughout the Colca Valley and several areas have been cut off. Mail and parcel delivery delays should be expected in the affected areas. Ongoing (issue start date: 08/08/16)

Portugal – The Portuguese federation of workers’ union (civil servants) has announced it is going to strike on the 18th November. This could result in delays in mail delivery services. Ongoing (issue start date: 18/11/16)

Saudi Arabia – It has been advised that, with immediate effect, Saudi Arabian Customs has introduced some changes for all Non-Document shipments sent to Saudi Arabia. All B2C shipments that contain materials other than documents/printed matter will require the Consignee’s ID number. Where this is not provided, the parcel may be delayed in clearing customs until the ID number is obtained from the consignee. All B2B shipments of non-document materials will require a Commercial Registration Form from the consignee. This will be requested from the consignee when arriving in the country and upon receipt of the form, the parcel can be cleared through customs. Ongoing (issue start date: 15/04/16)

Somalia – All mail services to Somalia are currently suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 30/11/91)

Sweden – Whilst improving, due to the heavy snow in Stockholm there have been some delays to the handling and processing of inbound mail. We have been informed that delays of 24-48 hours should be expected. Ongoing (issue start date: 18/11/16)

Taiwan – Super Typhoon Meranti has caused a landslide South Eastern China and Taiwan. As result of this all mail operations will be affected in South East China and Taiwan for the foreseeable future. Ongoing (issue start date: 14/09/16)

Thailand – Due to heavy rainfall on 20th-24th October, especially in the provinces of Ranong, Phang Nga, Phuket and Krabi as well as in Bangkok, mail delivery may experience delays. Resolved (issue start date: 20/10/16)

Ukraine – Delivery of mail for the Crimea and Sevastopol (postal codes 95000 – 99999) regions remains suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 18/03/14)

Uruguay – There may be delays in the processing of inward and international mail and parcels. This is due to industrial action on 5th October.

UPDATE – The industrial action by the Uruguayan Association of Postal Workers (AFPU) is officially over. The processing of inward international mail has returned to normal and items can be forwarded to Uruguay. Resolved (issue start date: 05/10/16 – updated 21/11/16)

USA – Delivery  The US Postal Service is in recovery phase following to severe flooding in the Louisiana region. Several offices have been impacted and thus have moved operations to alternate sites. Postal Service facilities throughout the region are working to move mail and while delivery service is impacted, the Postal Service will resume normal operations for customers as quickly as possible. Resolved (issue start date: 15/08/16)

USA – Adverse weather conditions impacted flight operations to and from San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and McCarran International Airport (LAS) on Monday, causing several hundred flight delays. In addition, more than 160 flights from and to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) were cancelled. Resolved (issue start date: 24/10/16)

USA – We received confirmation from the USPS on 21st November that since the start of October, mail/parcels entering the US through Chicago has been subject to specific checks from US Customs and Border Protection. This is leading to delays for some items whilst they are checked by the relevant agencies and this process could lead to delays upto 7 days. Whilst most mail enters the US through New York JFK, some items may be affected. Ongoing (issue start date: 01/10/16)

USA – We have been informed that the USPS JFK mail processing facility in New York has been experiencing significant volume increases over the last month or two. As such, some delays may have been experienced in the processing and onward dispatch of mail entering the US via New York. As this is the main entry point for mail sent to the US, this has the potential to affect most USA bound mail items. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas approaching, mail volumes are likely to increase further. Therefore, please allow for the possibility of delays until further notice. Ongoing (issue start date: 01/10/16)

USA – Adverse weather conditions impacted flight operations to and from San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and McCarran International Airport (LAS) on Monday, causing several hundred flight delays. In addition, more than 160 flights from and to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) were cancelled. Resolved (issue start date: 24/10/16)

Vietnam – Torrential downpours have caused severe floods and landslides to much of the far north of Vietnam. More floods are expected this week. Mail and parcel delivery delays will be expected in the affected areas. Ongoing (issue start date: 15/08/15)

Yemen – All mail services to Yemen have now been suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 27/03/15)

Zimbabwe – The designated operator of Zimbabwe, Zimpost, is currently experiencing IT-related issues which have been affecting the performance of the IPS system since August 4th resulting in delays to international mail. Ongoing (issue start date: 04/08/15)

Upcoming Public Holidays

November 1st – Algeria, Australia (regional), India (regional), Various (All Saints Day)
November 2nd – Mauritius, Mexico
November 3rd – Ecuador, Italy (regional), Japan, Maldives, Panama
November 4th – Panama, Russia
November 5th – Panama, Various (All Saints Day)
November 6th – Dominican Republic, India (regional), Malaysia (regional), Morocco
November 7th – Belarus, Colombia, India (regional), Tonga
November 9th – Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Pakistan
November 10th – Panama
November 11th – Malaysia (regional), Maldives, New Zealand (regional), Poland, USA, Various (Remembrance Day)
November 12th – Malaysia (regional)
November 13th – Cambodia
November 14th – Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Colombia, India (regional), Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan (regional), Sri Lanka
November 15th – Austria (regional), Belgium (regional), Brazil, Cambodia
November 16th – Germany (regional)
November 17th – Czech Republic, India (regional), Slovakia
November 18th – Latvia, Morocco, Oman
November 19th – Oman
November 20th – Brazil
November 21st – Bosnia (regional), Mexico, Moldova (regional), Ukraine
November 22nd – Lebanon
November 23rd – Georgia, Japan
November 24th – Myanmar, USA
November 25th – Bosnia (regional), Turks and Caicos Islands, USA (regional)
November 27th – Malaysia (regional)
November 28th – Argentina, New Zealand (regional), Panama
November 29th – Albania
November 30th – Barbados, Maldives, Philippines, Romania, UAE
December 1st – Kazakhstan, Portugal, Romania
December 2nd – Ghana, Laos, UAE
December 3rd – India (regional), Spain (regional), UAE
December 4th – India (regional)
December 5th – Thailand, Tonga
December 6th – Ecuador (regional), Finland, Italy (regional), Spain
December 7th – Italy (regional)
December 8th – Albania, Macedonia, Panama, Various (Immaculate Conception Day)
December 9th – Argentina, Tanzania
December 10th –
December 11th – Malaysia (regional), Various (Maulud Nabi)
December 12th – Kenya, Mexico, Thailand, Various (Maulud Nabi)
December 13th – India (regional), Malta, Saint Lucia, Sri Lanka
December 16th – Bahrain, bangladesh, Kazakhstan, South Africa
December 17th – Bahrain
December 18th – Qatar
December 19th – India (regional), Kazakhstan
December 20th – Macau
December 21st – Macau
December 22nd – Zimbabwe
December 23rd – Japan
December 24th – Libya, Various (Christmas Eve)
December 25th – Pakistan, Various (Christmas Day)
December 26th – Greece, India (regional), Indonesia, Slovenia, Various (Christmas Holiday/Boxing Day)
December 27th – Canada (regional), Various (Christmas Holiday)
December 29th – Myanmar
December 30th – Philippines
December 31st – Azerbaijan, Latvia, Macau (public sector only), Maldives, Switzerland (regional), Various (New Year’s Eve)
January 1st – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Various (New Year’s Day)
January 2nd – Russia, Switzerland (regional), Various (New Year’s Holiday)
January 3rd – Russia, Various (New Year’s Holiday)
January 4th – Myanmar, Russia, Various (New Year’s Holiday)
January 5th – Armenia, India (regional), Russia
January 6th – Armenia, Iraq (regional), Lebanon, Russia, Various (Orthodox Christmas Eve)
January 7th – Cambodia, Various (Orthodox Christmas Day)
January 8th – Various (Orthodx Christmas Holiday


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