Service Updates & Upcoming Public Holidays – w/c 22nd October

Here you will find the latest UK & global service updates and a list of upcoming worldwide public holidays. This is updated throughout the week with latest information available.

UK Service Updates

Normal deliveries & collections of mail should be made in most parts of the UK today.

International Service Updates

GENERAL: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia: ZAG, SJJ and SKP airports are currently embargoed due to limited capacity. Ongoing (issue start date: 08/10/18)

Argentina – Federations in Argentina have announced a general strike for 24 hours. Local deliveries can therefore be postponed one day. Ongoing (issue start date: 25/09/18)

Bangladesh – Bangladesh Customs have witnessed an increase in the number of wrongly declared shipments. This has led the Bangladesh Customs to scrutinise each and every shipment, which is causing delays in the release of all shipments including mail. Ongoing (issue start date: 03/01/17)

Bolivia – Mail Services via LPB Airport have been put on hold until further notice. Ongoing (issue start date: 08/10/18)

Brazil – Due to construction work, international air traffic at Natal Airport (NAT) will be suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 11/09/17)

Brazil – Brazilian Customs have gone on a partial strike. This means that clearance will only be made on Mondays and Fridays until the strike is ended. Please also note that the following with regards to delays in postal customs clearance. Ongoing (issue start date: 07/11/17 – updated 14/08/18)

  • Currently receiving 300,000 parcels per day
  • Upon arrival in Brazil all mail is sent to Curitiba for inspection and duty and tax assessment
  • Once duties and taxes are paid items can take 10 to 40 business days to deliver
  • 30% of items are abandoned for non-payment of duties

Canada – The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) initiated rotating strike action in several cities as of Monday October 22 at 12:01am. Whilst operations returned to normal within the following day,  the CUPW initiated a rotating strike affecting the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area on Tuesday 23rd October and have given notice this strike action will continue for a second day. Mail and parcels will not be delivered or picked up in the affected areas while the union continues their strike activity. While Canada Post is attempting to minimize the effect on customers, the union has decided to shut down a key processing hub serving the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area for mail and parcels. Delays should be expected Ongoing (issue start date: 18/10/18 -updated 26/10/18)

Canada – Canada Post has advised they are experiencing delays with delivery services due to high volumes of incoming mail. Normal delivery aims for economy services to Canada are 7-14 working days, however, services are severely delayed and are taking 3-4 weeks to be delivered. Priority mail is also experiencing delays. Ongoing (issue start date: 18/10/18)

Chile – CorreosChile have informed of generic capacity concerns at customs due to increasing international volumes. Items can be queued up to 20 working days before being processed by Chilean customs. Ongoing (issue start date: 18/05/18)

China – China Post have informed us that owing to unprecedented volumes of parcels imported into Shanghai and Guangzhou, there are currently a number of issues with China Customs, resulting in large backlogs in their facilities. These problems are compounded by the high delivery volume within China, resulting in delays in mail delivery. Ongoing (issue start date: 14/07/16)

China – Expect delivery delays in affected areas following the Mangkhut Typhoon that affected southern China and Hong Kong.. Ongoing (issue start date: 12/09/18)

China, Hong Kong, South Korea & Taiwan – Mail delivery services may be suspended in some Asian countries/territories during the National Day holiday period. Furthermore, please note that any mail delivery that does take place may be slower than usual due to companies being closed and recipients of mail being away. Please refer to the following table for mail handling in each country/territory during the National Day holiday period. Ongoing (issue start date: 01/10/18)

Country/Territory China Hong Kong Korea Taiwan
Holiday period Mon., Oct. 1
Sun., Oct. 7
Mon., Oct. 1 Wed., Oct. 3 Wed., Oct. 10

Costa Rica – Public sector labour unions have called an indefinite strike as of Monday, 10th September. This situation may result in collection, processing and delivery delays for both inbound and outbound mail. Ongoing (issue start date: 10/09/18)

Eritrea – We have been informed that due to the domestic situation in the country, all mail services to this destination remain suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 08/10/18)

France – Please be advised that due to flash flooding in Southern France, delays to the delivery and collection of mail and parcels may incur. Main impacted areas are Aude, Aveyron, Herault, Pyremees, Orientales and Tarn. Ongoing (issue start date: 15/10/18)

French Polynesia – The postal operator of French Polynesia has advised that the delivery of inbound and outbound mail will be severely disrupted due to industrial action. As a result, significant delays can be expected until the strike ends. Ongoing (issue start date: 09/10/18)

Guatemala – Correos y Telegrafos Guatemala informs that due to staffing difficulties, it has accumulated a backlog of parcels. In order to clear this backlog, it is suspending the inward and outward transmission of international mail. The designated operators of other countries are therefore asked to hold back any mail destined for Guatemala until further notice.

UPDATE: International letter-post, parcel-post and EMS services (inbound and outbound) will continue to be disrupted for at least another four months. This is due to the procedure that is under way to enable Correos y Telégrafos to carry out its activities as designated operator and to hire additional staff is currently in its final phase. Correos y Telégrafos asks operators to continue to hold items to be sent to Guatemala until services have been re-established. Ongoing (issue start date: 13/04/17 – updated 20/02/2018)

Hong Kong – Due to Typhoon which hit Hong Kong on 16th & 17th September, mail operations have been disrupted over the last few days. ,Also HK International Airport had many flights cancelled which may in turn affect mail transited via HK International Airport to destinations such as Japan, China, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea. Ongoing (issue start date: 12/09/18)

India – Following heavy monsoon rains, severe floods have occurred in Southern India, specifically in the Kerala region on the Western side of the country. This has damaged the infrastructure of the regions roads, houses and other important structures. It is therefore expected that severe delays of between 14 days (most southern regions (Andhra Pradesh Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu) and 35 days can be expected for Kerala which has suffered the worst of the weather. This applies to all product streams and further updates will be posted when more information becomes available. Resolved (issue start date: 04/10/18)

India – Cyclone Title has caused flooding and landslides in multiple locations of Odisha State. Ground transportation has been severely disrupted. The districts most affected have been Ganjam, Gajapati, and Rayagada. Ongoing (issue start date: 11/10/18)

Indonesia – Postal services are back to normal following the disruption caused by the earthquake in Lombok Island, Indonesia. However, delays are to be expected in the processing and delivery of all mail. Ongoing (issue start date: 28/07/18- updated 21/09/18)

Indonesia – Sulawesi island was struck by an earthquake and Tsunami. This caused damage to the local infrastructure of the Donggala and Palu region. Therefore deliveries can experience delays. Ongoing (issue start date: 10/10/18)

Indonesia – It has been reported that traffic restrictions have been imposed in Jakarta, Indonesia, due to the celebration of the Asian Games. From August 18th to September 2nd, ground transportation including pickup and delivery services are likely to face disruptions due to reduced operating hours of toll gates in Jakarta. Resolved (issue start date: 18/08/18)

Indonesia – Pos Indonesia has advised, that processing and delivery of all postal items to the following postal codes have been suspended: 941xx-942xx (Palu); 943xx (Donggala, Parigi and Moutong); and 915xx (Mamuju Utara). A 7.4-magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit the country on 28 September 2018, devastating Palu, Donggala and Mamuju in the Central Sulawesi province. Most of the buildings and roads in the affected areas have suffered major damage, and are cut off from electricity, communication and fuel.. Ongoing (issue start date: 28/09/18)

Iraq – Due to political developments in northern Iraq the government has issued an embargo on flights into the region. It is expected that no deliveries will be possible until the situation is resolved. Ongoing (issue start date: 02/11/17)

Ireland – Storm Callum has caused some disruption to mail and parcel delivery across Ireland and is expected to cause delays until 14th October when services are expected to return to normal. Ongoing (issue start date: 11/10/18)

Israel – Please be advised that Israel have a number of Bank Holidays over the coming weeks, therefore, no deliveries will be taking place on the following dates; Rosh Hashana/New Year – 10th and 11th September, Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement – 19th September, Sukkot – 24th September 2018, Simcha Torah – 1st October 2018. Ongoing (issue start date: 10/09/18)

Italy – Severe weather in Sardinia, in particular Cagliari and the eastern part of the island, are causing considerable problems in road traffic in the area due to the collapse of a bridge. The municipality of Capoterra is still unreachable. As a result, mail services are affected in the following areas (Tortoli, Quartu Sant’Elena, Assemini where IT systems collapsed, Capoterra, Pula and Teulada). Ongoing (issue start date: 10/10/18)

Italy – Poste Italiane wishes to share the following update on impacted areas, caused by the motorway collapse: Resolved (issue start date: 14/08/18)

• Outbound – internal flows from post offices directed to Lonate Gateway blocked in the Savona, Imperia and Genoa districts. Affected postcodes: from 16010 to 18100.
• Outbound – internal ExportBox flows from SDA branch in Genoa directed to Lonate Gateway blocked. Affected postcodes: 16149 and 16151.
• Inbound – undelivered flows in area directly impacted by the accident. Affected postcodes: 16149 and 16151.
• Inbound – critical delivery in areas west of the accident. Affected postcodes: from 16152 to 16159.

Japan – Japan is strengthening their customs inspection of inbound mail as part of counter-terrorism measures. Therefore, Japan Post has requested all items containing goods are accompanied by the required documents. Please attach a customs declaration form to postal items containing goods, and provide accurate information on the contents for customs declaration. Failure to comply with this request could lead to delays or the return of mail items sent to Japan. Ongoing (issue start date: 29/03/16)

Japan – The tropical storm in Japan is over and volumes are moving through Kansai International Airport once again. Delays can still occur as local backlogs might need to be cleared. Resolved (issue start date: 04/09/18 – updated 20th September)

Japan – There was an earthquake in northern Japan on 6th September and as a result there are delays to mail services in the Hokkaido region. Ongoing (issue start date: 06/09/18)

Libya – All mail services to Libya are currently suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 16/07/14)

Nigeria – A strike has started on the 27th September has now been called off and mail services have resumed as of October 3rd. Any backlog of mail as a result of the strike may take a few days to clear. Ongoing (issue start date: 27/09/18 – updated 08/10/18)

Philippines – Typhoon Mangkhut has affected the northern part of Luzon in the Philippines on 15 September 2018. Some of the roads are not passable due to landslides and floods. Delays in the processing of mails and transmission of tracking events are expected in the areas with the following postcodes: 2000-2001, 2003-2004, 2010, 2012-2026, 2400, 2410, 2413-2414, 2417-2418, 2420, 2423-2424, 2600, 2604-2606, 2610, 2714, 2810, 2814-2815, 2922, 3002-3003, 3011, 3015, 3019, 3106, 3108, 3110-3112, 3116, 3602-3609, 3800-3802 and 3806.
 Ongoing (issue start date: 15/09/18)

Portugal – Weather warnings have been lifted in Portugal after the passing of post-tropical cyclone Leslie. Leslie made landfall over central Portugal on October 13, causing disruptions across northern regions. Coimbra, Lisbon, and Leiria reportedly experienced the worst impacts. Thousands of trees were overturned and localised flooding was reported. Ongoing (issue start date: 13/10/18)

Saudi Arabia – It has been advised that, with immediate effect, Saudi Arabian Customs has introduced some changes for all Non-Document shipments sent to Saudi Arabia. All B2C shipments that contain materials other than documents/printed matter will require the Consignee’s ID number. Where this is not provided, the parcel may be delayed in clearing customs until the ID number is obtained from the consignee. All B2B shipments of non-document materials will require a Commercial Registration Form from the consignee. This will be requested from the consignee when arriving in the country and upon receipt of the form, the parcel can be cleared through customs. Ongoing (issue start date: 15/04/16)

Saudi Arabia – Saudi Post wishes to inform that effective 1st January 2018, a value-added tax (VAT) of 5% will be applied to the total value of each individual item/waybill entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to be paid by the consignee. This includes, without exception, all commodities being sent to Saudi Arabia, regardless of their purpose. It is therefore essential that each shipment provide clear and precise commodity details, including the name of the product/commodity and the total value under each item/waybill (preferably in USD). Ongoing (issue start date: 01/01/18)

Somalia – All mail services to Somalia are currently suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 30/11/91)

South Africa – An indefinite postal strike commenced at Johannesburg Airport impacting on the operation and handling of mail. This is expected to impact delivery performance for the foreseeable future with delays likely to worsen as the volumes of mail and backlogs grow as a result of the strike.

UPDATE: Severe backlogs in the processing of international mail are currently being experienced in South Africa. Please be aware that customers can expect delays in transport of volumes to this destination and processing of mail upon arrival in South Africa. Ongoing (issue start date: 12/09/18 – updated 12/10/18)

South Africa – Due to unexpected high import volumes, South Africa Post Office is experiencing delays in small packets, parcels, EMS and registered mail. Delays of several weeks can be expected. We will provide further updates when the situation improves, or additional information is available.

UPDATE: South Africa has continued to experience abnormally high volumes of parcels since last autumn and the processing of import parcels remains in a state of being substantially delayed. Therefore, all parcel services to South Africa are subject to severe delays. Ongoing (issue start date: 19/10/17 – updated 01/06/2018)

South Africa – With immediate effect that additional customs inspections have been implemented on all shipments to South Africa. Therefore, any shipments that are subject to inspection may experience further delays. Ongoing (issue start date: 05/10/17)

South Korea – Delivery of mail items addressed to South Korea may be delayed due to the increased volume of inbound mail a South Korea’s Office of Exchange (OE), which is taking longer than usual to process. Ongoing (issue start date: 05/06/18)

South Korea – South Korea has been struck by a Typhoon. Due to this many flights at Incheon Airport in Seoul are cancelled or delayed. This also affects the EMS items to Jeju-island. The delayed flights mainly concerns the following postcode: 63000 – 63644.  . Ongoing (issue start date: 29/08/18)

Spain – It has been reported that due to heavy rainfall several roads throughout Spain are flooded. Flooding has been reported in the cities of Málaga, Tarragona and on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Disruptions to pick-up and delivery services are likely to occur. Ongoing (issue start date: 10/10/18)

Syria – We have been informed that due to the domestic situation in the country, all mail services to this destination remain suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 08/10/18)

Tanzania – All mail/cargo going to DAR is embargoed until further notice. Ongoing (issue start date: 30/04/18)

USA – Hurricane Michael made landfall on Wednesday 10th October in the Florida Panhandle, bringing destructive winds, dangerous storm surges and flash flooding. There are disruptions to mail operations with some offices suspending operations in Florida and Alabama.  Ongoing (issue start date: 10/10/18)

USA – United States Postal Service (USPS) has advised that Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a tropical depression, but continues to dump extreme amounts of rainfall, causing flash flooding, river flooding and landslide risk in much of North Carolina and portions of South Carolina and southwest Virginia. USPS is continuing to monitor the storm as it moves inland, and its top priority is the safety of its customers and employees. Some post offices have suspended operations, mainly in the areas with postal codes ranging from 27000 to 29999 and 23000 to 23999.

UPDATE: The United States Postal Service (USPS) has updated that a flooding crisis remains after Hurricane Florence has passed. Operations are still suspended at many post offices in the Carolina’s, and deliveries and other services have been affected. Ongoing (issue start date: 12/09/18 – updated 02/10/2018)

USA – Industry sources are reporting that over 120 flights have been cancelled and more than 700 flights have been delayed since September 26 at John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), and Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) due to adverse weather conditions.  Ongoing (issue start date: 26/09/18)

Ukraine – Delivery of mail for the Crimea and Sevastopol (postal codes 95000 – 99999) regions remains suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 18/03/14)

Yemen – All mail services to Yemen have now been suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 27/03/15)

Upcoming Public Holidays

October 15th – Belize, Cambodia, Jamaica, Malawi, Malaysia (regional), Samoa, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine, Various (Day of the Races)
October 16th – India (regional)
October 17th – Haiti, India (regional)
October 18th – India (regional), Zambia
October 19th – Bangladesh, India (regional), New Zealand (regional)
October 20th – Estonia, Guatemala, India (regional), Kenya
October 21st – Burundi
October 22nd – Hungary, India (regional), New Zealand
October 23rd – Cambodia, Hungary, India (regional), Libya, Macedonia, Myanmar, Thailand
October 24th – India (regional), Malaysia (regional), Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Zambia
October 25th – Grenada, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan (regional)
October 26th – Austria
October 27th – St. Vincent & the Grenadines
October 28th – Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Senegal
October 29th – Brazil (public sector only), Cambodia, Ireland, New Zealand (regional), Turkey
October 30th – Iran Slovakia
October 31st – India (regional), Various (Day of Reformation)
November 1st – Algeria, Antigua, India (regional), Liberia, Various (All Saints Day)
November 2nd – Chile, Hungary, Italy (regional), Malaysia (regional), Mauritius, Mexico, Various (All Saints Day)
November 3rd – Dominica, Ecuador, Japan, Maldives, Panama, Various (All Saints Day)
November 4th – Panama, Russia



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