Service Updates & Upcoming Public Holidays – w/c 23rd November

Here you will find the latest global service updates and a list of upcoming worldwide public holidays. This is updated throughout the week with latest information available.

Service Updates

GENERAL: The situation at Calais and the Channel Tunnel have improved and over the last week transport services have been returning to normal. However, there is a possibility that further strike action and/or security issues may cause further delays going forward. We will advise accordingly if and when new events arise.  Ongoing (issue start date: 23/06/15 – updated 26/10/15)

Australia – Australia Post have advised that bushfires in South Australia are delaying the delivery of Mail to the area, as well as the transport of inbound mail between the East Coast of Australia and Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Ongoing (issue start date: 26/11/15)

China – High volumes of mail arriving in Shanghai and Guangzhou are resulting in backlogs and capacity issues for China Post. Delays to mail services are likely. Ongoing (issue start date: 03/11/14)

Egypt – Due to the suspension of flights from the UK to Egypt, delays to mail is to be expected. Ongoing (issue start date: 04/11/15)

Finland – The Finish Postal workers union have announced a strike, due to take place between 19th – 26th November. Due to the planned strike action, there will be delays in processing and delivery of mail and parcels. Resolved (issue start date: 19/11/15)

France – Wednesday the 11th November is a Bank Holiday in France. There will be a 24 hour delay in mail processing on this day. Resolved (issue start date: 11/11/15)

Germany – The German post office Deutsche Post have advised that there are a number of planned airline strikes happening over the next few days on routes between France & Germany. Whilst alternative transport is being used on these routes, small delays are to be expected. Resolved (issue start date: 09/11/15)

Greece – Hellenic Post have advised that the Confederation of the Greek workers and the Association of the Civil Servants have announced a 24-hour strike on Thursday the 12th November. The strike will affect both domestic and international delivery of mail. Resolved (issue start date: 12/11/15)

Libya – All mail services to Libya are currently suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 16/07/14)

Malaysia – The designated postal operator for Malaysia have advised us that due to a landslide triggered by heavy rain near Bukit Tinggi, postal delivery in the Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu regions are being affected. Resolved (issue start date: 12/11/15)

Nepal – An earthquake, approximately 50 miles north west of Kathmandu, has caused severe damage in northern Nepal. Severe disruption to mail services nationwide is to be expected.

UPDATE: All mail services in Nepal have been officially suspended and Kathmandu Airport is now closed to all commercial cargo due to the humanitarian relief effort in the region. Ongoing (issue start date: 27/04/15 – updated 30/04/15)

Peru – Postal workers in Peru have called an indefinite strike from Wednesday 11th November. Processing of incoming international mail will be affected. The designated operator of Peru expects to resolve this situation as soon as possible. Ongoing (issue start date: 11/11/15)

Somalia – All mail services to Libya are currently suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 30/11/91)

Ukraine – Delivery of mail for the Crimea and Sevastopol (postal codes 95000 – 99999) regions remains suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 18/03/14)

Yemen – All mail services to Yemen have now been suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 27/03/15)

Upcoming Public Holidays

November 16th- Colombia, Mexico
November 17th – Czech Republic, Philippines (regional), Slovakia
November 18th – Germany (regional), Latvia, Malaysia (regional), Morocco, Oman, Philippines (regional)
November 19th – Oman, Philippines (regional)
November 20th – Brazil, Philippines (regional)
November 21st – Bosnia (regional), Ukraine
November 22nd – Lebanon
November 23rd – Japan, Nigeria (regional)
November 24th – Cambodia
November 25th – Bosnia (regional), Cambodia, India (regional), Sri Lanka
November 26th – Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan (regional), USA
November 27th – Argentina, Malaysia (regional), Turks & Caicos, USA (regional)
November 28th – Albania, Panama
November 29th- Albania
November 30th – Barbados, New Zealand (regional), Philippines, Romania, UK (regional)
December 1st – Kazakhstan, Romania
December 2nd – UAE
December 3rd – Spain (regional), UAE (public sector)
December 4th – Ghana
December 6th – Ecuador (regional), Finland, India (regional), Italy (regional), Spain
December 7th – Argentina, Italy (regional), Spain (regional), Thailand
December 8th – Macedonia, Panama, Various (Immaculate Conception Day)
December 9th – Indonesia
December 10th –
Cambodia, Thailand
December 11th – Malaysia (regional)
December 12th – Kenya, Mexico
December 13th – Malta
December 16th – Bahrain, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, South africa
December 17th – Bahrain, Kazakhstan
December 18th – Qatar
December 20th – Macao
December 22nd – Macao, Zimbabwe
December 23rd – Japan, Various (Maulud Nabi)
December 24th – Denmark, Libya, Sri Lanka, Various
December 25th – Pakistan, Various (Christmas Day)
December 26th – Brunei, India (regional), Slovenia, Spain (regional), Various (Boxing Day & St. Stephens Day)
December 28th – Various (Boxing Day & St. Stephens Day)
December 30th – Philippines
December 31st – Azerbaijan, Latvia, Switzerland (regional), Thailand
January 1st – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Various (New Year’s Day)
January 2nd – Canada (regional), Philippines, Switzerland (regional)
January 4th – Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Russia, Various (New Year Holiday)
January 5th – India (regional), Russia
January 6th – Iraq, Lebanon, Russia, Various (Epiphany & Orthodox Christmas Eve)
January 7th – Cambodia, Various (Orthodox Christmas Day)
January 8th – Various (Orthodox Christmas Holiday)
January 9th – Panama



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