Service Updates & Upcoming Public Holidays – w/c 29th February

Here you will find the latest UK & global service updates and a list of upcoming worldwide public holidays. This is updated throughout the week with latest information available.

UK Service Updates

There is a good service to all parts of the UK

International Service Updates

GENERAL: The situation at Calais and the Channel Tunnel have improved and over the last week transport services have been returning to normal. However, there is a possibility that further strike action and/or security issues may cause further delays going forward. We will advise accordingly if and when new events arise.

Delays are still expected on the crossing from France to UK, which would have a knock on effect on the availability of outward bound transport. There is no end date for this as the situation is continuing indefinitely. Ongoing (issue start date: 23/06/15 – updated 10/12/15)

Egypt – Due to the suspension of flights from the UK to Egypt, delays to mail is to be expected. Ongoing (issue start date: 04/11/15)

Fiji – Fiji Post have informed us that the country has suffered widespread damage in the wake of tropical cyclone Winston. This is likely to result in delays to mail services until further notice. Ongoing (issue start date: 20/02/16)

India – Over 3.6 million central government employees in India, including postal workers, will go on indefinite strike. Ongoing (issue start date: 10/03/16)

Italy & Spain – Severe weather including snow, rain, strong winds and high waves hit Italy & Spain over the weekend. Ferry services between Naples and the islands of Capri and Ischia were discontinued. Delays to mail delivery services are to be expected.  Ongoing (issue start date: 01/03/16)

Libya – All mail services to Libya are currently suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 16/07/14)

Morocco – Morocco Post has confirmed that a national strike began on the 24th February. Delays to mail services are likely as a result. Ongoing (issue start date: 25/02/16)

Nepal – An earthquake, approximately 50 miles north west of Kathmandu, has caused severe damage in northern Nepal. Severe disruption to mail services nationwide is to be expected.

UPDATE: All mail services in Nepal have been officially suspended and Kathmandu Airport is now closed to all commercial cargo due to the humanitarian relief effort in the region. Ongoing (issue start date: 27/04/15 – updated 30/04/15)

Somalia – All mail services to Somalia are currently suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 30/11/91)

Ukraine – Delivery of mail for the Crimea and Sevastopol (postal codes 95000 – 99999) regions remains suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 18/03/14)

United States & Canada – Winter conditions across the Great Lakes in the United States have caused more than 440 pre-emptive flight cancellations. Particularly affected are Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway Airports. Weather-related flight disruptions are also expected at Canada’s Toronto Pearson International Airport. Delays to mail transportation is to be expected. Ongoing (issue start date: 01/03/16)

Yemen – All mail services to Yemen have now been suspended. Ongoing (issue start date: 27/03/15)

Upcoming Public Holidays

March 1st – Bosnia (regional), Kazakhstan, Paraguay, South Korea, Spain (regional), Switzerland (regional), UK (regional)
March 2nd – Ethiopia, Myanmar
March 3rd – Bulgaria, Georgia
March 4th – Bulgaria, India (regional), Malaysia (regional)
March 5th – India (regional)
March 6th – Ghana
March 7th – Australia (regional), Ghana, India (regional), Mauritius, Sri Lanka
March 8th – China
March 9th – India (regional), Indonesia
March 11th – Lithuania
March 12th – Mauritius, Zambia
March 14th – Albania, Australia (regional), Cyprus, Gibraltar, Greece, New Zealand (regional)
March 15th – Belarus, Hungary
March 17th – Bangladesh, Ireland
March 19th – Spain (regional)
March 20th – Azerbaijan, Iraq (regional), Tunisia
March 21st – Azerbaijan, Colombia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, New Zealand (regional), South Africa
March 22nd – Albania, Azerbaijan, India (regional), Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka
March 23rd – Azerbaijan, India (regional), Kazakhstan, Malaysia (regional), Myanmar, Pakistan
March 24th – Argentina, Azerbaijan, India (regional), Israel, Kazakhstan
March 25th – Azerbaijan, Greece, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Various (Good Friday)
March 26th – Bangladesh, Philippines, Various (Holy Saturday)
March 27th – Australia (regional), Myanmar, Various (Easter Sunday)
March 28th – South Africa, Various (Easter Monday)
March 29th – Australia (regional), New Zealand (regional)
March 30th – Trinadad & Tobago
March 31st – Malta


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